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Dreamsaver Presents – Wedding Trends 2024

12th January 2024 by Jack Baldwin

2023 was such a fantastic year for weddings being the first full year of events with no restrictions since the coronavirus pandemic. But 2024 promises to be better yet with beautiful new trends and ideas to possibly incorporate into your wedding day!

Weddings are deeply routed in tradition with everything from the veil to the white dress having a meaning behind it yet so many couples in recent years have been moving away from this. But does that matter? It’s 2024, the world has moved on since these traditions started, views, ideas, and cultures have changed so why can’t your wedding?

The chances are you have been dreaming of your big day since you were little so there’s no reason why your wedding shouldn’t be exactly how you want it to be. And as such, if you are getting married in 2024, here are some of this year’s wedding trends that you may want to bring into your special day.

The Venue

In the past, couples would get married in the church but nowadays, couples are choosing to wed in other unique and fascinating places. During the pandemic, outdoor weddings became the only way couples could get married and since then the outdoor wedding space has grown immensely and for good reason, they are truly magical.

We’re glad this wasn’t just a passing phase and that green weddings and outdoor weddings alike have become increasing popular amongst couples. Afterall, who wouldn’t enjoy the serenity of taking their vows in a stunning natural setting. The types of locations couples are tending to consider include vineyards, castle grounds, grand estates, and lakes. What’s great is that more and more locations that are unique and incredible in their own ways are obtaining wedding licences, which enables couples to truly get married in an ideal place for them.

The Dress

Trends change in the fashion world at the drop of a hat but when it comes to a wedding dress, these have always tended to stay true to tradition. However, it’s 2024 and with that comes a focus on personalisation and uniqueness, and this extends to the wedding dress.

One of the very in trends this year is drop waist wedding dresses as these really highlight the brides’ figure and this style is available in a range of designs. This style was immensely popular in the 1920s and its not hard to see why its returned.

Oversized bows are another wedding dress trend in 2024 that’s making their way into the limelight. This really creates drama at the back of the dress and can do so much to elevate the entire look. This makes oversize bows perfect for those wanting every angle of their dress to make an impact.

In recent years, this last wedding dress trend has become less and less contentious and it is more than likely that we will see more brides potentially incorporating this. This is of course coloured wedding dresses and whilst this trend is unlikely to be adopted by everyone, a coloured wedding dress is the ultimate statement for your big day.

Another bridal trend to think about is having a separate dress for your reception. This is mainly for comfort as the wedding dress itself is not always the comfiest. Reception mini dresses are hot right now and have been trending in weddings for some time already – definitely something worth considering for your big day.

Edible Favours

The increase in the number of couples providing edible favours for their guests in recent years is astounding but its not hard to see why.

It can be tricking to decide on what to provide as table favours however, edible or even drinkable table favours are likely to go down well with the majority of your guests because who wouldn’t appreciate a small snack or shot of alcohol!

For those attending who may have allergies or may not drink, it is easy to swap their favour for a more appropriate one which is why this type of table favour is such a good idea. You can even personalize the gifts to make them really specific to you and your big day, perhaps by providing a selection of you and your partners favourite sweets or a specially mixed shot crafted by you and your partner.

Alternative Decorations

As we mentioned earlier, many couples are choosing to get married in more unique places and with that comes more expressive decorations, sometimes designed to tie into the venue. For example, if you were planning to get married on a vineyard you may want to incorporate vines into your decorations – which we think looks incredible.

Hanging installations are another 2024 wedding trend that many couples are using to decorate their wedding space. This could include garden walls, sometimes with living plants, or something as simple as hanging lightbulbs or lanterns. Equally, greenery is going to be really big this year with ferns or eucalyptus type plants turning your venue into a luscious paradise.

Other areas to consider

There are so many things to consider on your big day from the music to the wedding party’s outfits even the style of the dance floor or whether you want to impose a certain dress code. Whilst you want to make sure that your guest experience is great you can’t forget that you are center stage and that this is your day, and it is you that should have the most memorable experience.

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