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5 Wedding Seating Plan Ideas You Could Use for Your Wedding!

4th May 2023 by Jack Baldwin

With couples continually finding new ways to personalise their weddings, adding small touches here and there to really make the day theirs’, it’s no surprise that many couples choose to be creative when it comes to telling guests the seating plan at the wedding reception.

Below are a few wedding table plan ideas that allow you to have some fun when letting people know where they are sitting rather than setting up a standard wedding seat chart.

1. Tequila shot (or replace the Tequila with your tipple of choice)!

You can’t go wrong with a shot at a wedding especially as there are so many options for what to put in the shot. You can make some child friendly with juice or create some mocktail type shots for people who don’t drink - the options are almost endless!

The question is how to let people know their table number after consuming the shot…There are a couple of options, one could be writing the table number on the lime if you do choose tequila, or a second option could be to combine your seating plan with your wedding favours with personalised shot glasses that includes the table number at the bottom of the glass. This way, everyone can enjoy a shot from a personalised shot glass that they get to keep as a special memento from your day.

tequilla shot

2. World Map

If you and your partner are keen travellers and have special places dotted across the globe, such as the first place you went on holiday, the country where you got engaged, or where you plan to honeymoon, this could form the basis for your seating plan. Simply assign each table a country name and let your guests find their seats from a world map seating chart.

Anyone listed under a specific country would then be sat on the table that corresponded to it, as simple as that. Whilst you can’t necessarily link this in directly to your wedding favours you could potentially tailor any table favours to something linked to that country. For example, if your first holiday together was to Switzerland, then you could gift anyone sat on the Switzerland table with some Swiss chocolate.

world map seating chart

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Rustic or DIY

A nice idea, especially if your wedding has a rustic theme already, would be to hang guests place names under the table number and then they can then take their place name and put it on the table wherever they would like to sit. Depending on how rustic you would like to make your seating chart you could hand make this out of a wooden pallet, wooden slabs, or anything else you can find or think would fit your theme.

This also takes some of the planning away from you as once you have decided who is on each table, that’s it, you don't need to spend time assigning seats. The one table you may still want to plan is the head table as there may be a certain arrangement you would prefer and after all, it’s your wedding day, you can do whatever you like!

rustic seating plan

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Painted acrylic

Whilst you may consider this more on the traditional or standard side now, this seating chart idea can still be personalised to fit you and your wedding theme. There are so many options with this in terms of whether each table is written on a separate piece of acrylic and then these are hung up in a certain pattern, or if you keep it simple with one piece of acrylic with every table on it.

When it comes to painting, you can make sure you choose colours that suit your weddings colour scheme and equally, you can have anything painted on there. As a seating arrangement wedding idea goes, there are so many options that friends and family members alike are sure to love how it looks.

acrylic paint seating chart

Image Source: Pinterest

5. Cupcakes

Similar to our first option, each person could have a personalised cupcake with their name and table number written in icing. This is both a fun and delicious option that can be tailored for people with dietary requirements and to the marrying couple’s individual taste.

The only thing to decide is do you go for a chocolate sponge, red velvet sponge, or maybe a Victoria sponge…the choice is yours!


Once you have settled on your seating plan, you can sit back and enjoy your wedding reception knowing that you have added a bit of fun to what could be a mundane process of finding a seat.

By the way, have you gone for rectangular tables or circular tables?

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