7 things they don't tell you about planning a wedding

2nd March 2020 by Natasha Goldstein

Planning your dream wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. However, the stress of the process can soon take its toll and make it much less fun and much more daunting. So, that's why the team at Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance present 7 things that you should know before or during the wedding planning process to prepare you for what's to come in the months ahead.

Upset Bride

Wedding planning is hard, even if other brides won't admit it

Planning a wedding is stressful, no matter what other brides may tell you.

Not only are you planning your dream day, you're planning it for your guests too and at this time where you may be trying to figure everything out, all your guests are looking at you for information, help and advice on your special day.

Wedding Table

Perfection may not be possible

It's important to embrace and enjoy your big day, imperfections included!

Things may not go completely to plan on the day; timings may be disrupted, incorrect music may be played, guests or even the wedding party can arrive late and many other little hiccups throughout the day can happen. As well as this, expectations versus reality can become skewed when planning a wedding.

It is important to set a realistic expectation of your wedding, including what is and is not achievable and to accept that if or when things do go wrong on your Wedding day, to not stress too much and continue enjoying the day because before you know it, it'll be over.

Piggy Bank

Not everything costs money

Believe it or not, the most beautiful aspects of your wedding may not cost a thing. The most things that please a crowd are often a well-rehearsed first dance, hand-written vows or even just the beaming smiles yourself and your marrying partner share.

Wedding Expense

But what does cost money, is more expensive than you may think

Everything is a lot more expensive when the word 'wedding' is involved! Caterers, the venue, the photographer, you name it. However, it's the little things that add up too and costs for things that some marrying couples may not initially factor in or budget for when setting their wedding budget.

For example, the registrar, wedding favours, invitations, transport home after the wedding and sometimes child or pet care costs for the day. Try and put some money aside for 'unexpected costs', trust us, you'll use it!

Sad Bride

You will annoy your friends and family with all the 'Wedding Talk'

While you are planning your special day, you'll obviously want to discuss every single detail with your nearest and dearest. However, after some time, your friends and family may get bored very quickly with wedding talk. Try not to lose yourself completely in planning the wedding and take time to still enjoy the things you love. Some time away and a fresh, clear mind, like in many other situations, can help you return with a new perspective.

Love Wedding

Not everyone will love your wedding and that's ok

Your wedding day should be about yourself and your marrying partner, which means that it may not be everyone else's cup of tea, but that's ok.

You can't please everyone and the same stance should be taken when planning your wedding. Remember what is important and stay true to yourself, it doesn't matter what everyone else will do or has done for their wedding, it's not a competition and you shouldn't feel forced to spend money on something or do something just to purely please a handful of guests.


You forget to take care of yourself on the actual day.

As you can imagine, you're going to be very busy on the day of your wedding!

You may be spending a lot of time posing for pictures with your significant other and your family and friends, thanking your guests for coming or generally getting caught up in the moments, but don't neglect yourself.

Often, marrying couples miss out on their own wedding breakfast and canapes because they are being pulled from one thing to the next. So, ask your planner to ensure a waiter/tress can bring you food and drinks in between your wedding snaps and other obligations and that your planner factors in 'mini breaks' for you and your partner to catch your breath.

It's a long day, so you will need your strength and you will want to remember it!

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