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Budget Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding Favour Ideas That Don't Have To Break The Bank!

7th November 2022 by Jack Baldwin

Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours are a traditional part of any wedding and are essentially a means of the Marrying Couple saying thank you to their guests. These gifts don’t have to be expensive either, they are more of a token or keepsake for family and friends. If you’re struggling with ideas for your wedding favours, then this might just be the article for you… We’ve put together a few options for wedding favours that might just be perfect!

1) Personalised Sweet Bags

This is a really quick and simple wedding favour idea as each of the Marrying Couple puts their favourite sweets in a bag and that’s it! Each of your guests will then get a mini bag of each of the Marrying Couple’s favourite sweets to either eat on your wedding day or to take home and enjoy.

Mini sweet bags

2) Scratch Cards

Whilst the cost of these could mount up depending on which scratch cards you purchase and how many guests you have, these are definitely a fun wedding favour option to have at your wedding. If you are feeling mischievous, you could plant 1 or more fake scratch cards but we’ll leave that up to you!

scratch cards

3) A “Take a shot, we’ve just tied the knot” shot

This is a fun little way of getting the party started! You can choose whatever drink you would like for the shot which means you can have some alcoholic, some not (especially handy if you have children at your wedding) and people can enjoy their shots as and when they would like.

Mini shot

4) Mini Scented candle

Who wouldn’t like a scented candle to take home with them? As the Marrying Couple, you can choose a scent that is either special to you in some way or that you think smells nice! Your guests will then benefit when they take it home as they enjoy the lovely aromas from your gift.

Mini candle

5) Miniature flavoured gin (or other alcohol!)

Similar to our previous suggestion, the mini flavoured alcohol bottle can come printed with your personalised labelling, serving suggestions, or even your own flavour! This option is more one for guests to take home with them and enjoy whilst remembering your special day.

Mini gin bottle

6) Flavoured Fudge

Your Wedding Guests will love some flavoured fudge as a nice, sweet treat on your big day. Again, you can make this a cheap wedding favour so that it doesn't break the bank but still provides your guests with a lovely thank you gift.


Other ideas could include temporary tattoos, tea bags, bottle openers, seeds, macarons, crystals, sparklers, biscuits, drinks vouchers, chocolate, luggage tags, etc… There are so many options out there to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice!

Remember that Wedding Favours are not a must, at the end of the day your guests are there to celebrate you and your relationship. Whilst they are a nice little thank you, plenty of couples have used the money they would have spent on favours and donated it to charity for instance.

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