Planning Your Wedding Around Adverse Weather

27th August 2019 by Natasha Goldstein

No matter what time of year you decide to tie the knot, the Great British weather will never fail to surprise us with its unpredictable weather patterns. So, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance have listed some popular and helpful hints on dealing with potential weather problems on your big day come rain or shine and how you may be able to overcome related obstacles.

wedding rain


In many cultures around the world, rain on your wedding day is seen as good luck and is associated with fertility and a sense of renewal. However, rain isn't always a favourable choice of weather for your wedding and as mentioned above, British weather cannot always be trusted. So, a contingency plan needs to be in place!

If there is rain expected on your wedding day, here are some popular tips:

If you planned an outdoor wedding, talk to the venue. Ask them to create a back-up plan for you of where the ceremony and the reception can be held if it is raining outside. If they don't have an indoor space, consider hiring a large tent.

Buy Umbrellas for the bridal party to assist in keeping attire and hair and make-up waterproof. Perhaps purchase a handful more and hand them to your guests as they arrive at the venue. As well as this, a nice touch would be to offer towels to guests as no one wants to spend their day sitting around soaking wet!

Team your frock with a fabulous pair of Wellies! This could come in handy especially if the wedding being held outdoors.

And remember, try and stay positive! It may not be the wedding you envisioned, but make the most of it and stay positive.

snow wedding

Snow and Ice

As cold as it may be, snow can offer a picture-perfect back drop to your special day and it will make your wedding photographs the envy of all your guests. However, with snow comes Ice and dangerous driving conditions which leads to transport difficulties.

Should you experience Snow on your wedding day, don't fret and follow these 4 simple steps:

Call the venue and make sure they're not experiencing any issues with power and that no suppliers are experiencing difficulty reaching the venue.

Plan your route to the venue and leave extra time.

Ensure your guests are kept up-to date on any developing situations.

Know your rights. Speak to the team at Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance if you have concerns about reaching the venue.

hot sun wedding


A short bout or even an extended period of sunshine sounds like the perfect weather for your wedding day but do remember, it does come with its own risks. Caution must be taken just as you would with rain or snow.

Call the venue to ensure there have been no power failures as extreme heat can lead to blackouts and power outages. If your wedding is outside, ensure there is plenty of shade available such as a marquee. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to heat related illnesses due to their age.

Supply your guests with plenty of water and salty snacks to replenish the natural salts lost from your body when you sweat. Particularly If you have older or very young relatives or guests attending.

Offer sun cream to your guests with an SPF factor of 30 or above.

Plan your route to the venue and as above, leave plenty of time to get there. In recent years heatwaves have been known to cause road surfaces to soften and can even cause them to melt!

Get covered with Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Ultimately, if worse comes to worse, you may have to cancel or re-arrange your wedding day. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance offers protection for unforeseen adverse weather conditions if you and / or a majority of your guests are unable to reach the venue.

Please note that cover for adverse weather is only available if you purchase your wedding insurance at least 14 days prior to the wedding. So, don't delay buying your wedding insurance!

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording here for the latest policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Please always check the local legal requirements when planning a wedding overseas as these can change. You should also check the legal validity of an overseas wedding and how it relates to your initial and ongoing Marital Status in the UK.

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