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Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance now offers up to £5million Public Liability Cover

13th June 2022 by Jack Baldwin

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Whilst wedding Public Liability cover is not a legal requirement in the UK, wedding venues will often request the Marrying Couple purchase Public Liability cover before the ceremony takes place.

The amount of cover that the venue will request can vary but certain venues will request £5million worth of Public Liability insurance – such as National Trust properties or stately homes.

With this in mind and being aware that many couples are struggling to find Public Liability insurance that covers this amount, we are delighted to announce that Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies can now offer up to £5million worth of Public Liability cover as an additional policy option!

But why is this important? What do you need Public Liability Cover for?

What is Public Liability cover?

Public Liability cover is there to protect you should a 3rd party be injured or their property damaged and they sue you. This 3rd party could be, for example, one of the venue staff or caterers, who may be accidentally injured during the course of your wedding. Obviously, something such as accidental damage of property in certain venues could run to millions of pounds, hence why it is potentially a good idea to ensure you are protected in case you are found liable for the damage or injury.

Under the Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy, the marrying couple automatically have £2m of liability cover, however this can be extended to cover the wedding guests by selecting the option in the purchase process. This amount can also be extended up to £5m, again by selecting the appropriate option.

My Venue requires me to get Public Liability cover, What do I do?

Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple is included as standard on all Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies! You are also able to extend this cover to your Wedding Guests as well as increase your level of cover from the standard £2m, up to £5m by purchasing the relevant policy add on. Head to the get a quote page to get your Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy today!

What if my venue doesn’t require me to take out Public Liability cover?

Even if your venue doesn’t require you to take out Public Liability cover in order to book your ceremony and/or reception, you may still want to consider taking out a policy with Public Liability cover included to give you peace of mind on your special day, especially if your big day has external wedding service providers such as caterers or photographers.

Equally, if you do decide to purchase Public Liability extensions on your Wedding Insurance policy even though your venue has not specified that you need it nor have they specified a required amount, then you will have to decide on an appropriate level of cover to purchase yourself.

But do I actually need Public Liability cover if my venue says it’s not a requirement?

It is certainly sensible to do so, yes, as by taking out a policy with Public Liability cover, you are ensuring that should accidents (not considered normal wear and tear) happen at your wedding, you are financially protected and will therefore not have to foot a bill that could end up being somewhere in the millions! There would be nothing worse than someone else breaking an expensive vase or damaging rugs or walls and you being sued for damages that a) were not your fault and b) you didn’t realise had happened. As such, it is always sensible to have Public Liability cover in place just in case something such as this occurs and then you won’t be the one left to pay.

What does Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance offer in terms of Public Liability cover?

All Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies already offer £2m of Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple as standard. In addition, you are able to purchase an optional policy add on for £2m Public Liability cover for your Wedding Guests. However, you are now able to purchase an optional policy extension for £5m Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple and Wedding Guests.

We are delighted that we are able to offer this to you as we are now better able to meet your needs and requirements and help keep you financially protected on your special day!

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.