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The Best Places to Get Married Aboard

16th May 2024 by Jack Baldwin

If your heart is set on having your wedding overseas, then the first thing to consider is where you want to tie the knot. Typically, couples who get married overseas do so for the warmer weather, the views, and to celebrate for longer than a day. Below, we've listed some of the best places to get married abroad, and one could just be perfect for you!

Santorini, Greece

Hailed as one of the most romantic destinations for couples, Santorini ranks as one of the most desirable locations to exchange vows. For beautiful clear blue skies, you'll want to plan for your wedding to take place between June and September. However, July and August are likely to be very hot so to enjoy an outdoor ceremony, you may want to wait until the sun begins to set. It doesn't get much more romantic than a sunset wedding in Greece though.

Aside from the iconic white buildings, blue dome roofs, and sea views that will provide the perfect backdrop to your big day, you'll be pleased to know you can get legally married in Greece. The majority of overseas weddings are symbolic with the legal part being done in the UK. However, if you extend your stay in Santorini to include the day before your wedding to sign essential documents then you can legally wed in Greece and the marriage certificate is valid in the UK.

As weddings abroad go, Santorini is well placed towards the top of most couples' ideal destinations as it provides some sensational wedding venues with stunning outdoor terraces.

Ibiza, Spain

A short plane trip will land you on the stunning island of Ibiza. Renowned for hosting weddings that are simply showstopping, Ibiza has it all. From a beach wedding to a cliff side ceremony, and intimate wedding to a no expense spared wedding day, your dream wedding is possible here.

June, July, and September tend to be the most popular amongst couples, but April, May, and October also provide perfect times for an abroad wedding. Plus, as these times are less popular, venues and flights are likely to be cheaper, reducing the overall cost of your special day.

It is possible for UK couples to legally get married in Ibiza if one or both of you are of the Catholic faith, however, for many couples this will mean you are only able to have a symbolic marriage here and you will need to perform the legalities back in the UK.

Again, as wedding destinations go, Ibiza is a wonderful option for your wedding day.


If you are looking for a wedding venue abroad then Italy could be perfect due to the abundance of options available to you. In Italy, you can choose from a beautiful lakeside event to large villas, vineyards, castles, or modern terraces, whatever suits your style. The food, whilst not the main draw of a wedding here, is a definite benefit for you and your wedding guests.

April to early September tend to be ideal for summer weddings here but it's worth noting that August can get up to 30 degrees with high humidity. Legally, you are able to get married in Italy as a UK couple, but you will need to ensure you have obtained the correct paperwork beforehand. It is also worth noting that there are different stipulations in each area of Italy when it comes to getting married so make sure you double check the procedure in the area where you are wanting to say I do.

If you are not sure where to start then, as with any of these locations, it may be worth hiring a local wedding planner to help arrange everything from the venue to the food and drink as they will have plenty of local contacts to rely on - they may even be able to source preferential wedding packages for you!

The hardest part about getting married in Italy is settling on a location with Lake Como, Sicily, Rome, Tuscany, and so many more all strong contenders.


The birthplace of Aphrodite and the island of love, there's little coincidence as to why this is an ideal place for a wedding. Cyprus is another location with stunning weather and the potential for both beach and villa style weddings.

If you are picturing tying the knot on a beautiful sandy beach before sitting down for your wedding reception on the same stunning beach as the sun starts to set, then you really should consider Cyprus. The perfect time for this type of wedding in Cyprus is between April and the end of October but you will want to avoid the bank holidays in April so be sure to check when these are.

Cyprus also offers great value weddings, meaning that even with travel costs, it is likely to cost you less than a wedding in the UK. With it potentially being cheaper than a UK wedding you could even look to extend the guest list, have a larger wedding party, or put those savings towards an extravagant honeymoon.


Last, but by no means least is Malta which is another exceptional choice for your dream wedding. Another location where marriages are legally recognised back in the UK, Malta can offer both stunning beach front locations and UNESCO listed sites to truly make your day a once in a lifetime experience.

Should you wish, the Azure Sea can provide you with a magnificent backdrop to the festivities and help create a breathtaking atmosphere. Somewhat surprisingly, however, December weddings are extremely popular here. This may be something you want to consider for your wedding and incorporate some Christmas magic into what is already an undoubtably magical day.

Whether you're planning a civil ceremony or wedding, Malta offers moderate temperatures throughout the year and some incredible views to provide the perfect wedding scenes and make your day as special as it can be.

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