5 tips to get the most from your wedding planning during the World Cup

18th June 2014 by Adam

If you are currently planning your wedding you may have found that your fiancé never seems to be interested in talking about anything to do with the wedding past 5pm or that or he is spending more time down the pub with his mates than he is with you, watching the World Cup.

However, What if there was some way you could use the World Cup to your advantage? What if you could harness the power of the beautiful game to get the results that you want for your wedding?

We've complied 5 top tips to help you make the most out of the next few weeks' World Cup weapon of mass distraction, allowing you to plan your perfect dream wedding, with no complaining about the cost, no arguing about how many relatives you invite or getting bogged down with infinite varieties of the seating plan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to make the most of the World Cup!

  1. Getting to Yes and No - Normally, planning your wedding is about compromise, some things you will get, other things you won't. However, with the World Cup happening you can get everything you want, from dropping the bomb that you want 300 white doves released at the point you are pronounced ‘husband and wife’, to the fact that you don't actually want your first dance to be ‘By the rivers of Babylon’ by Boney M, it just takes a bit of careful planning and observation.

    Through careful observation you will notice that when England score (which may not be as often as you like) your fiance is likely to jump up and let out a huge ‘Yeeeeeeeees’, watch the game closely and make sure you have asked the question you want a positive answer to just before this. A good rule of thumb is to start asking your question whenever England are in the opposition’s box or have a free kick just outside.

    Conversely, when the opposition score a goal against England, your partner is likely to hold their head in their hands and let out a mournful ‘Noooooooo’. Again, make sure you've got your questions ready. A good rule of thumb for this is to start asking your question as soon as the opposition get into England's half.

  2. Sleep deprivation is your friend - You may be going to bed at the normal time while your betrothed is staying up until 1am watching the late game, just remember the consequence of this: someone is going to be pretty tired when they have to get up at 7am the next day.

    To take full advantage of this, arrange lots of early morning wedding venue visits. Your partner will be so tired that they will agree to any venue, if it means they can get back to bed for a couple of hours before the day's football fest can begin.

  3. Half-time is comfort-break time - What goes with football? Beer. And what does several pints of Beer do? Make you move with the speed of Usain Bolt to the bathroom when the half time whistle is blown.

    If you can block the way to toilet temporarily it makes a great time to ask a question you want an answer to quickly: a person that is desperate will make decisions based out of necessity.

    Therefore questions such as: ‘Do you think lilac is the right colour for the bridesmaid's dresses?’ will elicit a quick answer while your fiance tries they’re best not to wet themselves.

  4. Getting partners to do the wedding tasks they’ve been putting off - Did your partner fall for those TV ads and buy a new flat screen TV to watch the World Cup? This could be their downfall. Many new TV’s have the functionality to add parental controls meaning that certain channels at certain times require a pin code to be entered. Simply read the instructions (because no man would ever do this) and set up a pin code to prevent them from watching the day's games until they've done what needs to be.

    For example: if your fiancé has been putting off writing the wedding invites or finalising the seating plan; now is the time to do it. You'll be surprised how quickly things get done the closer it gets to kick-off.

    Smart brides will change the pin code on a daily basis just so that it can't be cracked.

  5. Wedding Insurance - just remember IF (and it is a big if) England win the world cup, the associated celebrations will be pretty wild: jumping around, hugging men he doesn't know very well down the pub and sliding across the floor on his knees with his t-shirt pulled over his head could all lead to incapacitation of your fiancé in a major way.

    Let’s face it, if the England physio can dislocate his ankle celebrating when England score, your fiancé has got no chance, therefore you could be forced to rearrange your wedding for when your 'centre forward' is able to walk down the aisle.

    If you are getting close to your wedding date you may want to consider insuring it just in case your intended does end up in hospital after over-exuberant celebrations, preventing them from attending the wedding. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance can protect you against this and many other risks associated with your special day.

While we can’t guarantee that these tips will help England win the world cup, it may help you plan your wedding and get the most out the next month. You can buy Dreamsaver wedding insurance online at www.weddinginsurance.co.uk

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