Summer Weddings: Our tips to make the most of your summer wedding

16th July 2014 by Adam

We are now firmly in the swing of the summer wedding season, with many couples either getting married in the next couple of months or in the process of planning a wedding for next summer.

Here are a few of our tips to make sure your summer wedding goes without a hitch:

  1. In theory, it's supposed to be hot in the summer, with this in mind you might want to choose lighter weight fabrics for your ceremonial attire so that you are not roasting when it comes to saying your vows! Remember it's a long day to be wearing a heavy wedding dress or a thick suit, so being comfortable is key.

  2. If it is going to be sunny, brides may want to think about applying sunscreen before their make-up is done, to help prevent getting sunburn. You may also need to remind the groom and other guests to do so; after all you don't want your wedding photos taken with everyone looking like lobsters!

  3. Keep hydrated if it is hot, although people may find it cute if you swoon, it will look bad if you pass out for 5 minutes. Dehydration will make you feel tired so keep your fluid levels up throughout the day. This does not mean drinking more champagne!

  4. While you will want to make the most of the outdoor areas of your venue during the summer, you might like to think about if there are any shady areas for people to sit down, particularly for older guests, if your reception is going to take place outside.

  5. Obviously, this being the UK you may need to make contingency plans to deal with adverse weather, such as a marquee for people to take shelter in if there is some unexpected rain. In severe cases some couples have been flooded out of their venues due to flash floods. If the weather is so bad that you and the majority guests cannot make it to the venue then you are able to claim for rearrangement under the Dreamsaver policy. Please note: this section of cover only comes into force 14 days after the policy has been purchased.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the summer and have the best possible wedding day.

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