Wedding Cancellation Cover

2nd December 2011 by Adam

We know at Dreamsaver wedding insurance that the last thing you want to do is cancel your wedding on a whim, however, you should be aware that the wedding cancellation aspect of cover applies only if certain events occur.

So what is covered by under the cancellation section of the Dreamsaver policy?

Reading the policy wording of any insurance product will tell you exactly the eventualities that are covered, however here are some of the answers to more common requests that we get:

Am I covered if the venue burns down?

The Dreamsaver policy covers you to claim if the venue for the wedding or the reception is damaged so that it cannot stage your wedding, therefore if your wedding venue was burnt down that would be the case, giving you grounds for a claim. Other eventualities that are covered in this part of the policy are if the venue was closed by a relevant authority or if the venue itself went bankrupt or into liquidation.

What if a relative dies?

The unexpected death, injury or sickness of either of the couple or a close relative would be grounds to cancel the wedding, if it was deemed inappropriate to continue with the ceremony. The definition of who is considered a close relative is defined in the policy wording.

Please note: This cover would only be in place providing the medical questions have been answered in respect of the bride and groom and anyone who the wedding relies on and any pre-existing conditions that are not automatically covered by the policy are referred and agreed by us.

What if I'm made redundant?

Redundancy of either the couple or a relative with a proven financial contribution is covered by the policy, providing it occurs 8 weeks after the policy has been taken out and as long as they qualify for payment under current employment legislation.

Quitting your job and therefore becoming unable to pay for your wedding is not grounds to cancel your wedding and claim under the Dreamsaver policy.

I'm in the Army, what if my leave is cancelled?

As reported in a previous article: Are Military Weddings Covered by Dreamsaver? Are Military Weddings Covered by Dreamsaver?, military and emergency services personnel have grounds to cancel their wedding if their previously agreed leave is cancelled (in the case of armed forces personnel) or unavoidable and necessary duty (in the case of emergency services personnel) required by their service.

What if the vicar doesn't turn up?

Non-appearance of the officiating minister or registrar is covered by Dreamsaver, so if the Vicar is too ill to attend and therefore you cannot get married, you are covered by the policy.

Can I cancel my wedding if it snows?

Again, as highlighted in a previous story: Wedding Insurance and Winter Weddings , there is cover for adverse weather conditions under the Dreamsaver policy if you and the majority of guests are unable to attend, providing you can comply with the declaration with regard to any other reason why the insurers may not accept the risk when you take out the policy.

This cover extends all year round and is not restricted to winter weddings, for example having a wet summer and the potential of flash floods stopping the couple and guests getting to the wedding venue.

What is not covered?

What if I decide I don't want to get married?

The most common question we are asked with regard to eventualities that are not covered is whether couples can cancel due to 'cold feet'. Indeed, no wedding insurance policy in the UK at this point in time covers disinclination to marry.

Is my honeymoon covered?

Honeymoon's are not covered by Dreamsaver as they are basically a holiday, they should be covered by a travel insurance policy.

I'm getting married abroad, what if the flights are cancelled?

If you are getting married abroad, the policy wording states that you should be scheduled to arrive in the country you are getting married in at least 5 days before the actual ceremony date, this is in order to minimise the chances of you being delayed so that you are unable to make your wedding.

Any costs that you incur due to the delay could potentially be claimed from your travel insurance.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

Please Note: This Article refers to an historic version of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy. Policy Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Prices may have changed. Please see the latest policy wording for more details