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We're offering couples who buy Overseas Wedding Insurance from Dreamsaver, a 15% discount on Voyager Plus Travel Insurance Policies to protect your wedding travel and/or your honeymoon.

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NB: Policies must be purchased a minimum of 14 days before the ceremony date.


Your wedding day is a special day, and you deserve to have the wedding that you've always dreamed of! Whether it's getting married abroad at the Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, or maybe closer to home, a wedding in Santorini, Greece!

However, it can be a struggle to find appropriate wedding insurance for weddings abroad. Look no further as Dreamsaver could be the perfect solution for you, we cover destination weddings as standard and no extra cost on all 8 of our levels of cover.

Not only does Dreamsaver cover weddings abroad, but we can also insure destination weddings with multiple wedding events, up to a whopping 6 events!
NB - you will only be able to take out Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance for 6 events as long as they all take place within a period of no more than 94 days.

Don't leave it last minute, start planning for you and your partner elope to abroad, safe in the knowledge that your special day will be covered by one of the best wedding insurance for weddings abroad in the business*. Whether it's a city wedding or a beach wedding, Dreamsaver is here to make sure that, should the unexpected happen, you won't be left financially worse off.

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*Voted Best Wedding Insurance Provider in 2016 & 2018

Why Buy Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Abroad?

Dreamsaver is a leading UK based wedding insurance provider. In 20 years of providing cover, we have protected over 50,000 wedding ceremonies. We were even named the 'Best Wedding Insurance Provider 2016 & 2018', so you can be confident that your wedding will be protected by one of the best in the business. Dreamsaver also covers weddings abroad and no additional cost.

Below is a summary of our Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Abroad Policy.

Key features of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance cover:

  • Cover for overseas wedding at no extra cost!
  • £2m Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple as standard*
  • Cancellation Cover up to £80,000 (for Diamond Cover)
  • Cover up to 2 years prior to the ceremony
  • Cover for deposits to overseas wedding suppliers prior to buying cover

Tailor your Dreamsaver Policy with the following Options:

  • Choose to cover up to 6 events (within a period of no more than 94 days)
  • Add Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cancellation Cover
  • Cover most pre-existing medical conditions with a simple declaration

*There is no public liability cover available for weddings taking place in the United States of America or Canada.

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NB - All policies MUST be purchased at least 14 days in advance of the wedding date.

What Else Does Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Abroad Cover?

Dreamsaver wedding insurance for weddings abroad also includes cover for the cost of replacing any documents essential for the wedding abroad that may get lost or damaged. Before you travel abroad for your wedding ceremony, it's important you familiarise yourself with the local marriage laws and find out what documents you'll need to get married abroad. For example, if you're planning to get married in France, you'd need to contact the local town hall, or 'mairie'.

Also, if you have to cancel your overseas wedding as a result of adverse weather, cover is only available if the booked arrival date is at least 5 days before the wedding. NB - you will only be able to take out a Dreamsaver policy for your destination wedding if at least one of the Marrying Couple is a resident of the UK.

Does Dreamsaver Cover the Travel to My Wedding Abroad?

Whilst we offer extensive cover for elements related to wedding abroad under our Dreamsaver, we are unable to provide cover for the travel elements for your travel to your wedding abroad.

If you're looking for travel insurance to protect your wedding travel, you can arrange cover with Voyager Plus Travel Insurance. To see what protection Voyager Plus can offer you for the travel elements of getting to and from your wedding, please click here.

Protect your overseas wedding with Dreamsaver and get an exclusive 15% discount on a Voyager Plus Travel Insurance Policy.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cover Extension - Available on Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance was one of the FIRST UK Wedding Insurance Providers to offer policies with the option to cover your wedding against cancellation or rearrangement due to either of the Marrying Couple (or a Close Relative) contracting Coronavirus, including COVID-19, within 10 days prior to the Wedding Ceremony.

Simply add the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Option when buying your policy, after selecting your level of cover.

Please see the policy wording for full terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Insurance for Abroad Weddings

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance for my Wedding Abroad?

Weddings abroad tend to cost less because suppliers local to the chosen venue are often cheaper than their UK equivalents. A study conducted in 2024 put the average UK wedding cost at just over £21K whilst the average wedding abroad came in at around £17K, representing a substantial saving for the marrying couple, even factoring in flights, etc.

Even though the cost of a wedding abroad is less than having a UK wedding, this isn't a small decision. Hence, it may be worth you and your partner purchasing wedding insurance so you won't be left financially worse off if the unexpected happens.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance for Abroad Weddings Cost?

Dreamsaver Wedding insurance cost the same whether you are getting married in the UK or Abroad. The cost of wedding insurance depends on many factors including the level of cover you have chosen and the number of events you are doing for your wedding abroad. If you have added our policy extras to tailor your wedding insurance, this will also affect the price.

If you're not sure which Dreamsaver Abroad Wedding Insurance policy is best for you, you can use our handy Wedding cost calculator to help you. Most couples choose the level of cover that meets the total cost of their destination wedding. Click here to use our wedding cost calculator.

Is my honeymoon covered by Dreamsaver?

No it's not - you'll need to take out separate travel insurance for your honeymoon, which would normally include cancellation cover if you were not able to travel as planned.


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