5 Summer Wedding Trends for your 2020 /2021 Wedding

5th May 2020 by Natasha Goldstein



Over the last 12 - 18 months, sustainability has been a hot topic and will continue in 2020 / 20201 and beyond. Marrying Couples are keen to do their part to ensure their wedding is sustainable as possible with very little waste and non-recyclable items no longer being used.

From flowers to food, couples are opting to use seasonal and locally grown items and swapping out plastic favours and place settings and replacing them with items such as fruit or reusable items.

pub wedding

Pub Weddings

With the price of weddings continuing to rise and no doubt Brexit having an impact on the wedding planning process, more couples are beginning to opt for smaller, budget friendly, intimate weddings closer to home. Throughout 2019 there had been an increase in licences for pubs, bars, restaurants and night clubs to host weddings which is expected to continue and grow throughout 2020.

You can expect to see more weddings like this throughout the year at the marrying couples local where the no-frills food tastes good and is within easy reach for all attendees!

vegan menu

Full Vegan and Vegetarian Menus

Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it tastes great too!

Offering a Full Vegan or Vegetarian Menu means less work for you and your catering staff as theoretically rather than alternative dishes for a few of your guests with dietary requirements, all guests can eat the same wedding breakfast.

Vegan and Vegetarian food options have become more and more creative and extensive which means they could please even the hardcore carnivores attending your wedding.


Extravagant Decor

From oversized balloons, trees and flowers to fairy-lights, velvet table clothes and more, 2020 will be the year of extravagant decor!

Whether your wedding is small or large, the emphasis will largely be on decor and statement pieces. Give your wedding the treatment it deserves and splurge on floral arches, hanging displays, giant wall lights even trees if you wish!

Just because smaller weddings may be on the rise, doesn't mean you have to cut back on extravagance and a luxury feel and atmosphere.


Grazing Tables

The cutting of the wedding cake is losing favour with marrying couples and fast!

Instead of this traditional ritual, a replacement has come in the form of cake grazing tables, cheese towers, donuts, cupcakes and more.

There will be less cutting, less attention on this traditional moment and more nibble bits with variety for all your guests. Who needs one cake when you can have 3 or 4 AND a cheese tower!?!

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