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Wedding Photography and Videography Insurance

Insure your Wedding Photography and Video Today with Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

There is a long list of things that can go wrong when it comes to wedding photos and wedding videos. Whether it's the Professional Photographer who was booked for your wedding day not showing up, or the films being lost or damaged before the final prints are produced. With Dreamsaver’s Wedding Photography and Video Insurance, you would be covered for the cost you incurred to take/re-take your Wedding Photos!

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is there to provide you with peace of mind in the event these examples actually happen, you won't be left financially worse off and can still end up with the Wedding Photos and Videos you had dreamed of.

Plus, with a Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy, cover is applied under the Photography and Video section from the date that you book your wedding photographer until you receive delivery of the photographs or videos so long as this does not exceed 90 days after the Wedding Reception.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies offer up to £17,500 of cover for Photography and Video on our Diamond level policy, so you can rest assured that you have ample cover should the unexpected happen!

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Why Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

At Dreamsaver, we provide wedding photography insurance and wedding videography insurance under one section. With the average cost of wedding photography and videography over £1,000, this is another costly expense that, if something were to unexpectedly go wrong, would leave you out pocket.

You deserve to have the most amazing wedding album at the end of your special day which is why we feel it is important to include cover for the hiring of a professional wedding photographer or videographer.

Do I need Insurance for Wedding Photography?

The short answer is yes. This way, you can avoid being left out of pocket for your booked photographer or videographer not showing up on the day, or the films being lost or damaged before the final prints are produced. Especially as your wedding photography costs are likely to be quite high, it makes sense to have this insured on your Wedding Insurance policy.

Wedding photography prices tend to rise steeply when you consider wedding photographer prices are based on an hourly rate. Obviously, different price ranges will be available depending on which wedding photography package you choose, which is usually a combination of the rate the photographers charging and how long they attend your wedding for.

Whatever you have put aside for wedding photographer costs in your wedding budget, make sure you are insured with a Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy in case the unexpected happens.

How do I get cover for Wedding Photography?

Whether you need photographer or videographer insurance, Dreamsaver can provide cover under any of our policies!

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Wedding Photography Ideas for your Big Day!

Disposable Cameras

These are a great way to capture your day from your guest’s point of view and it's also a cheap, fun addition to your day. If you put a couple of disposable cameras on each table at your reception and let your guests fill up the film, you will get a different perspective to that of your hired professional.

When you get the film developed, you'll be sure to see some goofy photos, some where someone has the finger over the lens, but some retro or even candid photos to add to your collection.

Couple poses

Whilst your photographer will give you all the direction you need, it isn't an awful idea to search for some photo ideas and to ask your photographer to incorporate these into the shoot. It’s never a bad idea to know what you want, especially when you are going to cherish these photos for the rest of your life.


Key features of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance cover:

  • Cancellation Cover up to £80,000 (for Diamond Cover)
  • Cover for deposits to wedding suppliers, even if you have paid them prior to buying cover
  • £2m Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple as standard
  • Cover up to 2 years prior to the ceremony
  • Cover most pre-existing medical conditions with a simple declaration

Tailor your Dreamsaver Policy with the following Options:

  • Cover for UK & Overseas Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
  • Add Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cancellation Cover
  • Can choose to cover up to 6 events
  • Optional Public Liability cover for Wedding Guests to £2m
  • Optional Marquee cover up to £50,000 (inc. cover for mobile W/C units)
  • Optional £5m Public Liability for the Marrying Couple and/or Guests
  • Optional Ceremonial Sword cover to £20,000

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cover Extension - Available on Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance was one of the FIRST UK Wedding Insurance Providers to offer policies with the option to cover your wedding against cancellation or rearrangement due to either of the Marrying Couple (or a Close Relative) contracting Coronavirus, including COVID-19, within 10 days prior to the Wedding Ceremony.

Simply add the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Option when buying your policy, after selecting your level of cover.

Please see the policy wording for full terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

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