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Wedding Gifts Insurance from Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Insure your wedding gifts with us today!

Whilst you may not have thought about getting your Wedding Gifts insured until now, you will be glad to know cover for Wedding Gifts is included on all Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies as standard.

The gifts you receive on your Wedding Day can end up being rather pricey, depending on what might be on your gift registry or what someone might surprise you with. As such, it makes sense to have these insured in case there is loss or damage to them on your wedding date or while you or a relative are storing prior to the event.

Whether you have sent a gift list round, registered a gift list with a shop, asked for cash, or have left it up to the guests to choose, it's important to have these insured just in case any get lost or damaged whilst you transport or store them.

With Dreamsaver Wedding Gifts Cover, your gifts are covered for up to 7 days before your big day and for 24 hours afterwards. You can benefit from up to £10,000 of cover with a maximum of £1,000 of cover per item, and a maximum of £1,000 in cash or vouchers covered depending on the level of policy you select.

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Your Guide to Wedding Gifts


One thing that is becoming increasingly common for couples is asking for a cash gift at their Wedding, which they can then put towards their Honeymoon fund. Whilst you might be uncomfortable or not know how to ask for money as a wedding gift, it's no different to asking for any other gift. After all, your friends and family members are not going to mind contributing to your grand getaway instead of buying you physical gifts like a new iron for your home…!

Wedding Registry

If you do decide to put together a Gift list and register this with a shop, make sure there is a range of price options for gifts to allow your guests to gift what they can afford.

You have invited your guests because you want them there on your special day and not because you want their gift, and with them potentially needing to pay for travel to and from the wedding, accommodation for the night, and potentially a new outfit, the cost can steadily increase for your guests. So, making sure there is an array of gift options at different prices will help your guests.

Please note – Wedding gift suppliers and gift registries are not included in the definition of wedding service suppliers. As such, there is no cover available for the financial failure of wedding gift list providers on Dreamsaver policies (please see the policy wording for full terms).

"No Gifts Please"

If the couple specifically ask you not to get them a gift, then it would be best if you don't get them a gift. There is usually a reason why they don't want to receive gifts so it's best to respect their wishes and not get them a gift. After all, they have invited you to their wedding, not because they want you to get them a gift, but because they want you to be there on their special day.

Why Buy Dreamsaver’s Wedding Gift Insurance for your wedding?

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is a leading Wedding Insurance provider having been in the market for over 20 years. In that time, we have protected over 50,000 weddings were named 'Best Wedding Insurance Provider 2016 & 2018'! So, you can benefit from peace of mind knowing you’re protected by one of the best in the business.

Dreamsaver policies can also provide cover for wedding gifts, wedding rings, transport, cancellation, and more. We hope that your wedding day goes off without a hitch but should the unexpected happen, make sure you are protected with Dreamsaver!

Take a look below at an overview of what a Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy can provide you:


Key features of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance cover:

  • Cancellation Cover up to £80,000 (for Diamond Cover)
  • Cover for deposits to wedding suppliers, even if you have paid them prior to buying cover
  • £2m Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple as standard
  • Cover up to 2 years prior to the ceremony
  • Cover most pre-existing medical conditions with a simple declaration

Tailor your Dreamsaver Policy with the following Options:

  • Cover for UK & Overseas Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
  • Add Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cancellation Cover
  • Can choose to cover up to 6 events
  • Optional Public Liability cover for Wedding Guests to £2m
  • Optional Marquee cover up to £50,000 (inc. cover for mobile W/C units)
  • Optional £5m Public Liability for the Marrying Couple and/or Guests
  • Optional Ceremonial Sword cover to £20,000

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cover Extension - Available on Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance was one of the FIRST UK Wedding Insurance Providers to offer policies with the option to cover your wedding against cancellation or rearrangement due to either of the Marrying Couple (or a Close Relative) contracting Coronavirus, including COVID-19, within 10 days prior to the Wedding Ceremony.

Simply add the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Option when buying your policy, after selecting your level of cover.

Please see the policy wording for full terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

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Need Travel Insurance for your Overseas Wedding or Honeymoon?

Whilst we offer extensive cover under our Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies, we are unable to provide cover for the travel elements of your wedding. That's where our sister company - Voyager Plus Travel Insurance - come in.

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