Dreamsaver's Top Tips on Planning Your 2019 Wedding

31st October 2018 by Natasha Goldstein

Now we have said goodbye to 2018 and are in to the new year, many brides and grooms are eagerly awaiting to start planning their 2019 or even 2020 wedding, if they haven't started already that is. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance have put together their top and most useful tips when it comes to planning your wedding. From the guest list, the food to the venues, we've got your wedding covered.

Dreamsaver Wedding planning

Start Planning early!

Your Wedding day may seem like a long way away. Whether it's in 6 months or 18 months, start planning now and make life a little easier for yourself. Starting earlier will make it easier and less stressful when your wedding day finally rolls around. Having a clear plan before you start will help you keep on top of things and remind you of any little things you may forget amongst all the excitement, such as your Wedding Insurance

If you're paying out deposits, you should make sure you've averaged your wedding insurance to protect against the unexpected!


Don't skimp on the food

Food is an important aspect of your wedding day for you and your guests. No one wants hungry guests, especially when the celebrations can last in excess of 12 hours.

Put together a rough list of timings for when you are to serve your guests. If there is more than 4 hours between each meal-time then you may want to re-think or re-shuffle. Hungry guests are not happy guests!

Dreamsaver budget

Set a realistic budget

Don't over stretch your budget or spend way more than you intend to. You can create a beautiful, special day whether your budget is £5,000 or £30,000. If there are certain things you want such as a luxurious stately home venue, think about how you could afford that with the budget you already have. For example, book the venue in the 'off peak' wedding season or opt for a mid-week wedding instead. Either of these will reduce the cost.

Use our wedding cost calculator to help you! here

Dreamsaver flowers

Don't rush in to decisions

Never feel pressured to pick the first photographer, florist or other vendor you see. Take your time, read plenty of customer reviews, check out their portfolios and most importantly, understand if they can create exactly what you want.

Also, don't be forced or persuaded in to decisions either. If your vendor tries to upsell a service or a product and you don't want it, just say no!

At the end of the day, it's your wedding, so make sure it's how you want it to be.

Wedding guests

Be selective with your guest list

Selecting the guest list early on in the planning process is important so you can find a venue that will be perfect to house chosen number of guests for the day. For example, you wouldn't want to hire a whole manor house if you only want to invite 20 people, a more intimate venue would create such a cosier atmosphere.

Costs per head for food and drink will most likely be one of your biggest expenses so don't be guilt-tripped into inviting people you don't really want to come. It's a hard decision of who to invite and who to not, but remember, this is you and your partners decision only, not anybody else's!

Dreamsaver bridesmaids

Pick the wedding party you want

This is a big one. Pick the wedding party YOU want.

You may feel like you have to include your distant cousin in the wedding or another family member but you don't want to look back at your wedding photographs years down the line and not be in touch with them. Instead, just select a few of your long-term best friends and close relatives only. You may upset some family members by doing this but please do remember, this is your wedding day, no one elses and you can choose whoever you want.

Wedding Insurance responsibilities

Give the groom some responsibilities

As difficult as it may be to pass some responsibilities over to your partner in the worry things may not go right or to your standard, let them help. They may have their own ideas to throw in to the mix and will actually want to have their input on the big day too. Ask for their help with the food or the music and they're sure to be enthused. Well, who doesn't like food!?!

Dreamsaver papertrail

Keep a papertrail

Be sure to keep a paper trail. Any discussions you have via telephone, follow up by sending an email asking for confirmation of what has been discussed. This may sound silly but you never know when you may need to use it

You may have agreed with the venue to extend their opening times or had a last-minute meal change. When the wedding day comes, you don't want any last minute mishaps as the staff on the day may not necessarily be the people or person you have worked with throughout the planning process. Don't just assume that everything is all set as that's when things can go wrong!

Dreamsaver planner

Hire someone to manage the wedding

Whether you've opted for a wedding package at a venue where you have an on-site wedding planner or you've gone down the DIY route and planned and designed everything yourself, on your wedding day the best gift you and your partner can give yourselves is the day off to actually enjoy your wedding day!

If you have gone down the DIY route, you can hire someone just for the day. Provide them with all your information on timings, contact numbers and the plan for the day and then let them take care of the rest.

Dreamsaver peace of mind

Remember what's important

Last but by no means least, remember what is most important on your wedding day; yourself and your partner. Enjoy your day and try to be present and enjoy every single moment without worrying or trying to take control. Before you know it the day will be over so it's important to relax and have the day of your life.

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