How to Plan a Wedding if You're an Introvert

6th June 2019 by Natasha Goldstein

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Be firm in what you want

Make it clear from the very beginning what you want, or rather, what you don't want for your wedding and don't be pressured by friends or relatives to think or do otherwise. Once you have made a list of all the things you don't want or the things you don't want to do on your wedding day, it'll be much easier planning the perfect day that you want.

As most married people will tell you, compromise will become your friend. So, if you decide you don't want a large ceremony because the thought of being the centre of attention makes you nervous, compromise by holding a larger reception instead.

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Ditch the traditions

Don't want a first dance? Don't want to give a speech? Remember, you don't have to!

This is your wedding and you can do things how you want to. If there are certain traditions you would rather cut out, you can. Such as if you still want to dance but don't want the pressure of all eyes being on you, ask your guests to join in and dance to a cheesy, up-beat song.

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Smaller Ceremony

Keep the tone of the wedding light, easy and casual. Too much formality and a tight structure may lead you to be on edge during your wedding. An idea could be to hold your ceremony later in the day thus cutting short your overall day.

Alternatively, a daytime brunch / lunch wedding could work well or a low-key venue such as a small outdoor space.

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Make plenty of time for yourself

The evening before the wedding, rather than have a slumber party at your hotel with your bridesmaids, opt to take some much-needed quiet time for yourself. After all, tomorrow is going to be a big day for you and you have spent the best part of perhaps a year planning your special day.

Another idea is to plan in breaks during your wedding so you and your partner can have a much needed break and time together to reflect on the commitment you have just made to each other.

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Hire a Wedding Co-ordinator for the day

In order to make your day as stress free and enjoyable as possible is to hire a co-ordinator for the day of your wedding. If anything gets delayed, misplaced or goes wrong, this should all be directed to your wedding co-ordinator by your guests, caterers, venue or any other vendor. Your wedding co-ordinator who will have plenty of experience in dealing with these situations and many more, so leave that job for them.

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