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15th December 2010 by Adam

With the continuing threat of more snow and icy conditions forecast, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance has received several enquiries regarding cover for cancellation of weddings due to adverse weather.

Section 1 of the Dreamsaver policy includes cover for cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding owing to the inability of the participants and guests to reach the wedding or wedding reception venue due to adverse weather conditions and there is also cover for the non-appearance of the officiating minister or registrar. Adverse weather, for this purpose, is defined as weather conditions that cause major disruption to travel services that prevent the participants and majority of the guests from reaching the venue. If international travel by air or sea is involved then the booked arrival date must be at least 5 days before the wedding.

However, it is important to remember that wedding insurance, like all insurances, is designed to protect you financially from things you don't already know about. If you purchase any wedding insurance policy, not just Dreamsaver, in the knowledge that current and forecast weather conditions, such as the snow, are likely to affect your plans then an insurer is unlikely to cover any related claim. This is because the policy specifically excludes circumstances that you are aware of at the time the insurance is arranged and current weather conditions and weather forecasts would fall within this. If you are in doubt, please call us on 01483 562 662.

Dreamsaver has previously identified a trend for some couples to delay purchasing policies until close to the ceremony date . There is a significant risk in doing so, however, because circumstances may well change in the meantime and something that would otherwise have been covered if it occurred after the policy was arranged is then excluded.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance can be bought up to 24 months before the ceremony and we recommend purchasing the policy as soon as any financial commitment is made, not only to give you protection against adverse weather conditions but also all the other benefits under the policy, such as financial failure of wedding suppliers.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

Please Note: This Article refers to an historic version of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy. Policy Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Prices may have changed. Please see the latest policy wording for more details