What do the Personal & Public Liability sections cover?

1st January 2011 by Adam

At Dreamsaver Wedding insurance we often receive questions from couples regarding what public liability cover they need for their wedding and what is the difference between the Personal Liability and Public Liability sections in the policy.

In essence they are very much the same thing and both sections provide cover against the amounts that you may be held legally liable for if you accidentally cause injury or illness to someone else or damage to their property. The difference is in who is actually insured by the particular policy section.

Personal Liability - All Dreamsaver wedding insurance policies include cover for the liability of the Bride and Groom as standard, under section 11 , Personal Liability. This section only insures the couple for their own actions, which is why we have called it Personal Liability. It does not cover accidents caused by anyone else, such as the guests, and does not cover any liability that may arise purely because of any contract, such as with the wedding venue.

Public Liability - More and more venues are now requesting that couples have public liability cover in place for their wedding celebrations, including liability for accidental injury or damage caused by the guests. This can be provided simply by selecting the optional 'Public Liability' extension, Section 12 , and paying the additional premium when you purchase the Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy.

Many venues now also require a higher limit of indemnity for liability. We therefore offer a further option to increase the Liability limit from £2,000,000 to £5,000,000. This not only increases the Personal Liability limit but also increases the Public Liability limit whenever that section has been selected.

Many other wedding insurance policies just refer to "Public Liability" when this is usually restricted to the liability of the couple only and does not cover the rest of the guests. Several policies do not even have the option to extend the cover to include the liability of the guests. This could leave you severely out of pocket if a guest damages your wedding reception venue and you don't have the appropriate cover in place. If you are unsure or have any questions please call us on 01483 562 662.

'People need to be careful when they are comparing wedding insurance policies. We would urge them to read the wordings of each policy carefully to ensure that the wedding cover meets their needs. We do not want a couple to think they are insured for something when they are not. At Dreamsaver we are always happy for anyone to call us if they have any questions prior to purchasing a policy' stated Jonathan Buttery, managing director of Voyager Insurance Services Ltd, who operates Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance.

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 Tier 1EssentialsSilver
Financial Failure of Suppliers-£750£4,500
Ceremonial Attire-£1,000£3,000
Wedding Ring, Flowers, Attendant's Gifts, Cake-£1,000£3,000
Photographs and Video-£750£3,000
Wedding Cars and Transport-£750£3,000
Public Liability for Bride and Groom£2m£1m£2m

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